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Safety And Track Rules

BMX is an extreme sport

All riders need to sign in and out of the log book held in the shop.

Most riders do fall on occasion.

For this reason it is essential riders:

  • Wear the appropriate protective gear on the track at all times (See below)
  • adhere to all rules of the track at all times (See below) These rules are on display in the container.

Should a rider fall and require further medical attention the responsibility to take them to the A&E department will remain with the parent /guardian. Club officials cannot take the rider to hospital under child protection guidelines. It is therefore a requirement that parents/guardians to remain in the vicinity of the track for the duration of their visit.

Prior to any fallen rider leaving the track an incident form needs to be completed for the rider by a club member to ensure record of incident is kept.

Rules for Track use

  • All patrons use the BMX compound at their own risk. Those riding the track need to maintain a responsible attitude and adhere to all the rules of the track.
  • All riders on the track must have a Cycling Ireland Licence and current membership of CBMXC
  • All riders must wear the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Full face helmet, long sleeve jersey, long pants and gloves are a minimum requirement. Body armour, elbow and knee pads are highly recommended. All riders must use an appropriate BMX bike on the track.
  • No rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, road bikes etc on the track.
  • Riders must sign in and out of log book in the shop.
  • Stopping on the track must be avoided at all times- obvious exceptions are a fall or breakdown- where possible a rider should move to one side as quickly as possible.
  • Riders must not use the track in reverse and must always start from the Starting Gate unless under the oversight/supervision of a coach during a training session.
  • No swearing allowed by riders/parents/club members at the track is allowed.
  • Use of the 5metre hill – all riders need to be assessed by a coach prior to using the 5 metre hill. If the coach deems the rider to have appropriate skill, the coach will seek permission from the parent for final approval. The riders name will be logged in the shop if they can ride the 5 metre. If appropriate skill level is not present the rider can request a further assessment at a later date.
  • No rider is allowed on the 5 metre unless the above procedure has taken place! Remember the rider’ safety is the clubs prerogative.
  • All members are subject to Cycling Ireland’s Code of Conduct available on
  • Remember – We are all volunteers at the club and respect must be shown to all club members at all times.
  • All users must bring home their own rubbish.
  • HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!