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How to become a Member?

Select the membership button on the home page and simply follow the directions, you will be guided through the steps in our tutorial, it is highly recommended that you read the about-us section of our website before joining

Why do I need a Cycling Ireland membership?

Cycling Ireland provide insurance for all riders and therfore you will need a cycling Ireland membership to join


BMX is not for everyone. If your Child does not like BMX ,having joined, we will refund your membership within the first 4 weeks. A loan of helmet and bike is provided so you do not need to purchase equipment initially.


Cork BMX charge 50e for annual membership per individual and a maximum of 100e per household this is a family membership and is where there are 2 or more members in a household.

A cycling Ireland membership is also required for each individual , this cost is summarised in a section below titled Cycling Ireland Costs.

All pricing is explained in detail in our membership section


New members will be provided with a loan of bike and helmets for a short period of several weeks , further details on BMX equipment is provided in our about-us section on our website, it is recommended you read this section

FUNdamentals training

Children under 12 must complete a course we title “FUNdamentals” , this is a 1 hour training session over several consecutive Saturdays or Sundays, children learn basic BMX handling skills essential for safe usage of the track. When you join you will be placed on the next FUNdamentals course list.

Membership duration

Membership expires on year end, this is not within our control , this is a cycling Ireland requirement, however membership includes free fundamentals training and the temporary provision of a bike and helmet.

Cycling Ireland cost summary table

Membership Type Leinster &

Connacht – €

Ulster – € Ulster – £ Munster – €
U8 – U12 (Youth) 10 10 9 10
U14 (Youth) 30 30 27 30
U16 (Youth) 40 40 36 40
Cycling Supporter 20 20 18 20
Junior 50 50 45 50
**Full Competition – Student 80 80 72 80
Leisure 50 *56 *50 *55
**Limited Competition 90 *101 *90 *95
**Full Competition Adult 130 *141 *126 *135

Adult Membership Info

If joining as an adult you must first decide if you are going to use the track, this requires the correct type of cycling Ireland licence.

So as an example a “Cycling supporter” license is 20e but does not entitle you to use the track, a “Leisure” license doe allow you to use the track.